Are you outraged? One advocacy volunteer shares why her outrage has led to action.

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3 Responses

  1. Sheila Hembury says:

    I’m absolutely outraged too, when I look at the many seniors in our ADHC in the Bayview section of San Francisco who will not be able to stay at home and be safe all day while their caregiver works. They are able to be at home and grow old with family through the immense sacrifices their families make for them, adult day health and IHSS services. How can the most vulnerable in society have to pay for the long-term mistakes made by many people who don’t see their faces. Like the courageous Egyptians, this is a hill I am willing to die defending!

  2. Patricia R. Needle says:

    I applaud Sherrie, Sheila, and all the people who work as advocates for the disenfranchised. Our culture has abandoned the elderly, the mentally ill, and the disabled.
    I am going to register at the Alzheimer’s advocacy link that Sherrie has provided, so that I can join my voice to many, and learn how to empower myself.
    Thanks to all who work to make our world better for all our citizens.

  3. Rehan says:

    There is a nice paper (Soscia et al, 2010 PloS ONE) showing that ayolmid-beta has similarities with antimicrobial peptides family, and also, it has antimicrobial proprieties. Could be ayolmid-beta a friend of innate imune response which is helping to eliminate some unknown infection in AD brain? I think this paradigm shifting really interesting, lets see what happens Bye from Portugal.

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