New Every Day Technologies for Alzheimer’s Care Grant: Dr. Gallagher-Thompson, Stanford University

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4 Responses

  1. Jodi Frizzell says:

    WOW REALLY! There aren’t enough caregivers in the USA to reap the benefits of this grant that we have to go to India? REALLY? I took care of my grandmother with Dementia for 10 years and there were LOTS of people in California that could use this help. WHY INDIA? WHY NOT US?

    • Norm burns says:

      I agree , but is you need help near major cities SF,La , New York has a lot of resources including this email newsletter, My main grip is that the present
      Meds are not able to measure if they work or not.


    I agree with Jodi. I am trying to juggle taking care of my husband with alzheimer’s, working full time and just trying to live without killing myself in the process. Thank God for the Alzheimer’s day care center in this area or I would not survive. Even though I am well passed retirement it is necessary for me to work to support care for my husband. It would be nice if the grant would be used in this country for our direct good not just for infomation about care in another country where life is very different. Clare

  3. Shirley Schnee says:

    I believe the same as you. There are so many right here who could use the help. My husband has had ALZ for nearly 5 yrs. and I am caring for him. He is 85 and I am 79. I know how draining it can be, not only physically but financially. I have been trying to find some financial help as Soc. Sec. just doesn’t do it all and so you go thru all your savings and then there doesn’t seem to be the help you need.

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